Boston! Where to begin with this famous city!

Well, I decided to take a trip up to Boston via the T-Train. (about 1.5 hours away to the nearest train system from my house.) The train system there is very interesting. It’s really cheap and definitely is different than the NYC subway system. With talking to two of my good friends, we set our trip out at 9am.

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Bowling and Sunday update

What’s up wordpress world.

Not a record for bowling. Only bowled a 206 “/ Def not my highest but hey whatever..

So New York City might have to be another day, still currently out with friends at our local bar. Idk if I’ll be able to get up at 5am to drive to the train station. Soooooo with that being said looks like yard work for tomorrow and Boston on Monday!!! 

You all have at great night. 

Eventful weekend ahead.

Tonight. I am going to try to beat my personal best in bowling. 288! Crazy right. 10 strikes in a row! Will keep you posted on my highest game.

Saturday, along side with yard work and hanging out with friends during the night, I  get to charge my camera batteries and get my camera gear in order for Sunday and Monday!

Sunday, the big apple! New York City. The city of dreams. I have been itching to go there for a couple months now, can’t take it anymore. So I’m going to brave the cold and wind and get some incredible shots of the Hudson River, Empire state building, time square, central park. I think I’m going to do this every season and get the best pictures. I’m incredibly excited for Sunday, I get to have New York style pizza, if you haven’t had the pizza in NYC you truly are not living.

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2 Weeks.

Hello to whoever reads this.

This is like my personal vent session so I apologize in advance.

Anyways, 2 Weeks.

2 Weeks since you moved your stuff out.

Not going to lie to you guys, it is definitely hard seeing someone you love so much end up moving all her stuff out and calling it quits to your long relationship. Something I never thought I’d have to endure.

After all these 2 weeks have sucked and I start to realize what is happening. I’m coping with it. I don’t know how. Maybe because my friends are the real mvps. My next goal is to not text. I’ve been texting and hoping for a response. It’s only been bringing me down.

Just hope she is happy and being the best she can be for herself.