Eventful weekend ahead.

Tonight. I am going to try to beat my personal best in bowling. 288! Crazy right. 10 strikes in a row! Will keep you posted on my highest game.

Saturday, along side with yard work and hanging out with friends during the night, I  get to charge my camera batteries and get my camera gear in order for Sunday and Monday!

Sunday, the big apple! New York City. The city of dreams. I have been itching to go there for a couple months now, can’t take it anymore. So I’m going to brave the cold and wind and get some incredible shots of the Hudson River, Empire state building, time square, central park. I think I’m going to do this every season and get the best pictures. I’m incredibly excited for Sunday, I get to have New York style pizza, if you haven’t had the pizza in NYC you truly are not living.

Monday, BOSTON!!!!! My buddy Donnie and I are heading to Boston for the morning / afternoon. Also another photo day! I’ve only been twice to Boston and both times have been awesome. The aquarium with Kenna and her sister (wish I brought my camera) and a spartan race at historical Fenway.. end the Boston trip with Boston beer works then back to reality with work Monday night.

There’s my eventful weekend! I hope whoever this finds they have a great weekend or rest of the week, whenever you’re reading this of course!!!

I am incredibly happy to get back into photography, it’s something I absolutely love. Pictures will be posted here and on my Facebook. I even might make my own Instagram page for photography if I get more serious about this!!!
Stay tuned! A whole lot of awesome coming in 2017!


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