Boston! Where to begin with this famous city!

Well, I decided to take a trip up to Boston via the T-Train. (about 1.5 hours away to the nearest train system from my house.) The train system there is very interesting. It’s really cheap and definitely is different than the NYC subway system. With talking to two of my good friends, we set our trip out at 9am.

Descriptions are under each picture! Enjoy!


So once we got off the T-Train from Riverside to Park Street, The picture taking started. This picture is the Soldier and Sailors Monument, in memory of the Mass soldiers and sailors who died in the American Civil War!

wp-1485844685325.jpgAfter visiting the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, across the park right off park street T-Station. You have the Current State House Of Mass. Pretty Iconic, It was absolutely beautiful and even on this 30 degree day (yeah, wicked cold) there was still a good amount of people snapping photos.

wp-1485844624749.jpgSamuel Adams. This iconic man has not only been a great part of history, but as my friends say has a good beer also. I personally don’t like the Sam Adams Beer, but that’s just me. Thought this was extremely cool to see up close.


Next stop Quincy Market! Let me tell you, you walk in and all you want to do is eat, eat, eat and eat; the smell of the food is amazing. I ended up getting a sugar cookie because we were going to Boston Beer Works after my sightseeing and picture adventure. No performers out today, probably because it was a Monday and overall the city was pretty silent.


The freedom trail! I thought this was pretty cool, believe it or not. We followed it practically from Park St. All the way down to the old state house where it ends. This is the “Seal”.

Readers park, Irish famine memorial.  if you’d like to learn more, I just thought it was a cool picture lol.

3 really nice statues outside of Fenway Park! As much as I’m not a Red Sox fan. [Go Mets] This is a huge symbol of Boston. Anybody from Boston can tell you how to get to Fenway. My buddies and I did the Fenway Sprint (A spartan race inside the ballpark, we got to go into the locker rooms, run on the green monster, on the field. Simply amazing) clearly this is one of my favorite ballparks because like my buddy said, you can feel the history.

The House of Blues is right behind the green monster at Fenway. Honestly, I thought it would of been a little bigger. I have not seen inside but I will give them credit because they do bring some big talent in. My Ex went there to see Sammy adams, (he’s a musician) so they can definitely bring in some talent.

If you go to Boston and don’t see this sign, you were either on your phone the whole time or not paying any attention. This sign is massive. You can see this walking back from Fenway to the Kenmore T-Station. Which by the way, I personally think it’s the easiest station to get to Fenway.

So we were walking back to our train station and I saw a hole in the fence, while I was going to take the picture I noticed this sticker. It made me smile, so whoever put this on the wall, thank you. This bridge also got renamed the Big Papi Bridge.

Probably one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Like I said in the previous description, I saw a hole in the fence and had to take a picture. This is interstate 90 going through Boston. With everything going on in my life this was my true pure bliss moment. Where I knew everything was going to be okay, it was the eye opener to all my problems. If you’re wondering, Chris how was this an eye opener it’s just a highway? Well readers, life is real funny sometimes and when you think of it in the grand scheme of things. Life is a journey, not a destination. 

I want to say thank you to anybody that has made it this far into this blog post, it was a meaty one but I wanted to share my experience and the day I had in boston. I’m currently at work now  [I work 3rd shift] and just am so happy with how my life is going. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff! I have a couple trips planned this year. [Wildwood in July,  and Florida in march!] Between those I will obviously update you on the random stuff happening in my life.

Stay smiling



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