Everybody goes through them right?

Well I am currently going through one. What feels like I am losing more than just a girlfriend, I have also lost a friend in this. Everybody on the Internet says to forget your ex or be shitty towards them. I’m quite the opposite. Simply because she’s unforgettable, and anybody that knows me, knows that no matter how bad you do me I’m always going to care about that person.

I won’t share my dirty laundry on wordpress or Facebook on why things ended. I know, you guys want to know. Sorry. 

Some questions I don’t know the answer to are.

  1. How long after a long term relationship is it okay to go on a date? Is there like a grace period? I have no idea.
  2. Is it normal to have your stomach turn whenever you wonder how they’re doing and realizing that maybe they’re doing fine without you?
  3. Is it normal that you want to be happy for them if they find another person but you know you’re going to be butthurt?

Just some unanswered questions that I can’t get a straight answer from anybody. Leads me to be a confused guy.

The free time from this comes with some wins and loses. Some wins include: oh wait can’t think of any. Some loses include: no intimacy, no cuddling, can’t send good morning / good night texts. Feel empty.

Hopefully all these feelings I’m having will subside in the upcoming weeks. Breakups are never fun or happy. Even if you wanted it to happen or not I feel you’ll always feel terrible about it.

Signing off for now.

-Confused Chris.


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