Who Am I??? 3 Weeks

Hello WordPress Readers!

So, I am going to start with saying today is 3 weeks since me and my ex broke up. Time flys to be honest. If anybody has been following since day 1 of this whole escapade then you’ll know at the beginning I was not happy and not at all in the right mind for anything.

Well everybody, I can say that has totally changed! After 3 weeks I feel better and relieved. Although I wouldn’t say i’m 100% over it or 100% moved on, there’s a good portion of it that i’m happy with both outcomes. 2063617444-move_on_quotes__moved_on_quotes__0082-0084__5_

I am happy for her and want her to do the best for herself. I’ve came to terms that I need to get over the fact that it helps nothing dwelling over the past and hoping things will change. As she was a great girl and everything I could of asked for, things change and so do people. Ultimately, I wish her the best and hope she continues to work hard towards her goals.

For me, I’m realizing who I was before the relationship. Back to June 2015 Chris. It’s actually fun, although I am switching things up, things I would have never of done during the relationship or even back in June 2015. I feel like I am growing as a person and not only is it scary, it is actually awesome. Things I wouldn’t of done because I was afraid of the outcome or would sike myself out, I am more of a “hey will it kill me? no? okay lets do it!”. Type of guy now.

Some new things I have done are: 1) Try new beers (people that know me, know that I usually stay to my Bud Light or Stella) well in this case I have tried a couple new beers, some I didn’t really like but I can say I tried it. My new favorite beer at the moment has to be; Travelers Shanty Pineapple Aloha! I am also one to not try shanty’s because of the taste of it, I really never liked them. BUTTTTTT in this case, I went to chili’s with my good friend sarah (ex from 6 years ago) and I ended up trying it, so did she, SHE GAVE UP HER TEQUILA FOR IT so it had to be good right.  2) I am trying new styles of photography, and going to be implementing them into my current projects, which I am really excited to show with you guys! 3) I have always chased a female, example being like I always made the first attempt to text, always felt to text back right away, well It feels good to not have to text first for a good morning text or a how was your day. That was a big eye opener, although I do love sending those texts first it was like wow this is good. 4) No longer overthinking. So in the first 2 weeks of the break up I did a lot of overthinking, it wasn’t healthy. I’d say the last week or so, I don’t care about most situations, they are going to happen and I have to get over them.

I am finally realizing who I am, it’s one of the greatest feelings ever. I do want to say thank you to my ex for letting me find myself and love myself, it’s one of the greatest gifts I could have received. So if by chance you do read this, genuinely I say thank you.


Until Next Time WordPress Readers, Keep Smiling and don’t let the things that have been eating at you destroy you. Let them go. A wise woman once said to me, “things happen for a reason” and she is absolutely correct. patience-everything-happens-for-a-reason

Signing off!





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