Ah, it’s been a while. Yup, it’s been a while since the last time I can say I was happy. New things popping into my life, while weeding out some toxic things in my life, but that’s another post in itself!

So I recently re-downloaded TINDER,  if you live under a rock, tinder is a mobile dating app, people say it’s for hooking up but I don’t hook up lol.  FINALLY, felt good getting back out there, although the girls I’ve matched with have been decent human beings. I saw none of them as dating potential… here comes the fun part. One night I’m at the bar with my friend matt and he suggested this new app called Bumble. Well bumble is just like tinder but the females have to message you first. I found this incredibly awesome so I gave it a shot. Well let’s just say, I have an interest in this girl and so far everything seems pretty incredible.

You know, I personally didn’t think I’d get back out there and meet new woman. But you never know who comes into your life and why so I’m really excited but yet nervous on how this might turn out. We have a lot in common, Quite crazy if you ask me.

If anybody has been following this, I had to say goodbye to someone. Granted this may have been my hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to do but great opportunities have arisen from it. So since I’m brave enough to say goodbye and let the past be the past, I feel this might be my new hello I’ve been searching for. Not to mention, she’s super attractive. Oh, she bowls and plays xbox… whattttttttt. andddddd! Likes two of my favorite beers. Like what?! Im excited for Sunday so she can beat me in a couple games of bowling. <- maybe.

Enough about my dating life! Cool thing is I leave for Florida in 39 days! Not that I’m counting down or anything. CAN’T WAIT! I get to my buddy and his girlfriend after what feels like 10 years but realistically it’s only been 7 months lol. Can’t wait to take pictures and write a blog post about that. Also we will be discussing an app we are thinking bout creating in person so that’ll be exciting. Also hoping to get a round of golf in!

Thinking about starting up my photography passion again. Since now with being recently single, I’ve came into a lot of free time lol. Although I am more of a landscape and nature photographer, I think I may open my horizon to some portrait sessions. The first year won’t be me making money, I’ll be mostly doing pictures for my friends. Get a big portfolio and then put my name out there. Also hope to have a surprise in the making coming roughly middle June/July for my Fb, Instagram, twitter, Snap family! Stay tuned.

So Places I do want to travel in 2017 include…. Florida, California, Arizona, New Hampshire, Block island, New York city, and for some reason I want to make a quick getaway to Atlanta… I will be hitting Florida, New York City and Block island this year definitely.. I really just want to travel. Maybe even Canada?!

2018 travel plans are Bahamas or Cancun… I might even rethink Aruba. <- such a beautiful country.

1 goal for 2017 is to relearn the piano.

Hope all is well with everybody! Keep on smiling and remember don’t let anything keep you down. Rise above it. Stress is the silent killer, trust me,and always remember life is better stress free!
Signing off for now.



2 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS! 

  1. How lovely to see you out of that deeply melancholic, pensive mood, dear Chris.
    Bumble? Oh my! Although the buzz sounds merry and I truly do hope something wonderful comes out of this new, little start.

    Fancy travel plans! Do keep us updated.

    Can your curious followers hope to watch you play the piano?

    Liked by 1 person

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