Hey WordPress readers!

It has been a while since I last posted, a lot has changed since then.. My mood has changed tremendously! I have new expectations of relationships, love, even dating. Plus My buddy Josh and I are going to be starting a Digital Marketing Company this year, hopefully be able to move out of good ole CT and down to Florida where I will be less miserable and it will always be warm and sunny! 

So i’ve been quickly realizing how crazy my last 5 months have been. From breaking up with my ex, to talking to new females that some are crazy but a couple have been good eggs. Dating, I have never been so nervous to asking out a girl on a date before, let me tell you! As of right now, there is no lucky lady in my life and I am 100% okay with that for some weird reason, it could be because Josh and I have been trying to come up with business plans and legit life plans for the past 3 weeks.

So more on this Digital Marketing Aspect, we are going to be getting into the advertising side of businesses, like controlling their social media and helping generate traffic to their website/company. Our long term goal is to have this business, just as good as the top media marketing companies out there like vaynermedia.  Gary Vee has been a good addition to our lives, he is always positive and helping me especially get through my day and motivate me to not give up on this because if I do this could be one of my biggest regrets of my life, which shoutout to GARY, you’re god damn right.

So now that this post is pretty much over here are updated goals for 2017..

  1. Establish a set of business plans to work for our Digital Marketing Company
  2. Photograph the orion nebula.
  3. Build myself in this upcoming career
  4. Finish the projects around my house
  5. Keep finding myself and becoming extremely happy
  6. Enjoy summer and party like its 1999 <- Prince reference.

Mind over matter, this can all be achievable! I can’t wait for this to take into effect!

I meet with Josh when I go to Florida and couldn’t be more excited to stay the weekend with a good friend but also my business partner for this amazing opportunity we are about to indulge ourselves in!

Also, plan to have a site up in May/June for the business and a better blog setup for Me and potentially new people! A Podcast coming onto the site, A DIY sections, and much much more… yeah 2017 looks really good, and I have nothing holding me back.

Stay awesome everybody and remember you’re worthy and to always smile!



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