Aruba 2016.

Aruba 2016 Memories.

Boarding the plane in Newark to visit Aruba

So here is the whole back story to this whole trip!

While I was dating Kenna, we both decided we wanted to go some place warm for her spring break, which was this week last year. So one night at work I was checking kayak and cheapoflights and trying to get a mini vacation for under 1000 a person. WELL let me tell you, I nailed it! Ended up texting her and told her about it and it was a “big” vacation. At this point in our lives, we were only together for little over 6 months. We were going to wait for the big vacation or out of the states vacation but we decided hey why not… Well readers, this was definitely an experience I know I will never forget..

The night before, I decided to introduce her to my family, and if anybody knows me if you meet my family you mean something to me, they always cracked jokes on when I was going to bring a female down to see them, blah blah blah, typical family stuff lol. Well we decided to go down and spend the night because they were willing to drive us to the airport in NJ. So about an hour drive. It helped us because we didn’t have to spend money on parking and worrying about time, we just got to get dropped off and go! Well we got there at about 430am and our flight was at 7ish am. We thought airport security was going to take a hell of a long time because it was an international flight well, ha, we were wrong. We were in and out of TSA in about 15 minutes flat. Both of us shocked so what do we do for all this time now! We decided to go to the gift shop and get some things, I got this stupid puzzle book that was wayyyyyyy to hard, didn’t realize it until we were about 6,000ft up in the air lol. After I didn’t like my book, thankfully Kenna brought her nook and she let me play some games on it until we were over the ocean and I could see the blue waters of the Atlantic.

This little snack shack was awesome lol. It definitely hit the spot at the time. I should of looked into check in times for the hotel because we got there WAY WAY WAY to early lol. So once we got to the hotel, we decided to hang here for a while and eat. So anybody that knows, New England is cold during the month of March, Like Right now outside its about a solid 22 degrees and the wind is making it a good 5 degrees with wind chill. Once we sat down, it was amazing. I believe when we landed it was 82 degrees at about 11am. It was amazing. I personally love warm weather. It’s amazing, I was def in paradise.


The Food there was amazing, this is our first meal at the casino/restaurant there. I got a burger with egg, and bacon. I believe she got a turkey burger? But the food was out of this world. I told her I wish food was this good back home, because I could honestly eat like this everyday.


The Cliffs at the natural bridge were amazing, the way the water hit them it was def a sight to see. The natural bridge actually broke in a storm back in the 2000’s and sadly we couldn’t see the original that my mom raged about to check out when we went. They had a baby bridge tho, which was pretty sweet.  There was a lot of cool things on this island, the best was watching the light blue waters.



Exactly what is in the picture! Somehow I got to get a picture with no people in it, Don’t ask how but it was clearly amazing. This little island, was truly an experience I wish everybody could go on.. In the next paragraph I will explain what we did for the 3 days we were there, no pictures will be added since all of them have us in them.

Snorkeling…….. Whoever knows me, I hate fish. Let me repeat that for the people in the back and for who skipped that sentence……… I HATE FISH. snorkeling was one of my things I thought I would never cross off the list….. Well, Kenna is persuasive and got me to snorkel. I am so glad she did, We ended up having a great time. We snorkeled in the Natural pool in the north part of the island.

To get there we took a Jeep off roading excursion and for some people it isn’t for, well we enjoyed it a lot haha, when we got onto the jeep the guy asked us if we wanted the bumpy, very bumpy, and airborne seats. we chose the bumpy seats haha, wasn’t about that life, and thankfully we didn’t because the bumpy seats were no joke bumpy but the poor kid that chose airborne well it was definitely an airborne seat haha… When you’re on this excursion they show you the cool parts of the island. You can see Venezuela on a clear day from the top of the mountain we took. That was pretty cool just in itself! Livestock is everywhere on the roads in the north part of the island, it was pretty cool to see their lifestyle and how they live their lives.

The palm island…… It was 99 bucks for the day, and that included all day drinks, food and snorkeling and all that jazz… like I just said 2 paragraphs ago, I did not like snorkeling but I had my go pro, and I got to get some cool videos! Granted on this island Kenna got the videos because after about 5 minutes, I had a big blue fish come close to me and I freaked out and got out of the water haha. She ended up staying there for about 15 minutes lol. It was great footage… On that island, we enjoyed the waves crashing on the white sand, we zip lined on their little make shift zip line they had. WE EVEN SAW EELS in the ocean! ha, one of the funniest things we did was the banana boat which is a big banana tube and they pull us in the bay between the Main island and the Palm island so I guess the bay? it was an experience, I wish I took a video of it, the guy advised not to use my go pro because I might lose it with the waves, but It was an amazing time.

That is all. The reason why I am writing this is because tomorrow the 13th is the 1 year of when we were crazy enough to jump on a plane and go to this island. I don’t regret it, we had some great times and good memories.   This is the truth, the experience was amazing, but a year later I am truly “valuing the moment” because it is now a memory.

To whoever made it through the post! You win a um, well you win a atta boy or atta girl. Truly means a lot. Yes this post is scattered, just so many things came to mind!

Stay smiling and keep trucking!

EXCITING NEWS! (Two Future Posts!)



Later Gators,



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