Hello people that stumbled this lol. It’s been over a month since my last post. I think I need to get into this a little bit more.. 

Since my last post, I’ve been to Florida. Hiking. Photography, Yard work. It’s been crazy!
First off, Florida was amazing, took a flight out of Boston. Got to hang out with my buddy and his girlfriend for the weekend. It was amazing! 

Hiking wise, I’ve only did little “hills”. I take on Mount greylock Sunday morning / afternoon so that should be exciting!!

Photography, well I’ve done some nature things, and recently did some skateboard photography. Pretty cool how it works out!

Yard work, well I doubled my garden and started to plant grass seed! I am incredibly happy on how my yard is coming. Going from overgrown to bare bones back to normal is a process in itself.

I hope to be back on here soon for some stories.. hope to have my next post be about my hike!!!


Take care everyone, and remember. Keep smiling!



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